Artists Invited to Participate!

WOW! Water on Water Exhibit at the Time and the Valleys Museum

Time and the Valleys Museum is inviting artists to participate in an exciting new exhibition: WOW! Water on Water opening in May. This exhibit will showcase watercolor paintings of scenes located within the Catskill and Delaware watershed areas. The participating artists will share their favorite views, why the scenes are important to them and how, as artists, they interpret what they see.

ArticleImage- Anchor Ice, A watercolor painting by Elise Hornbeck

“WOW will bring people, art, and water together in a new and different way.” Says Elise Hornbeck, Chairperson of the Museum’s Exhibition Committee. “This is not just for trained artists, but open to anyone, young and old, who express their love for water and the watershed areas through art.” An exhibit that extends past the artwork into the creative mind of the artist, it will appeal to all ages and will include videos, interactive activities and art matching games, puzzles and activities for kids.

The exhibition opens in May at the Museum, and will be open to all visitors Thursday through Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day and weekends in September. Any artist interested in participating should contact Elise Hornbeck at or or call 845 985-7700 for more information.