August 2023: Farm and More!

A lot is happening at the Catskill Farm!

Grey’s Woodworking moved the grainery farm outbuilding from its original site on the Carney Farm south of town to the Catskill Farm. 

Zeke Boyle finished restoring the wagon shed. The calf/yearling barn was reconstructed using the floor boards and stanchions exactly as they were at the Carney Farm south of town in the 1930’s.

The root cellar roof was poured and Dave Forshay has built the shelving for the vegetable storage.

Here is an interesting artifact from Ashley Lawrence, Collections Assistant.  Can you guess what it is?

I am sure you are looking at this photo doing the same thing I did. I wracked my brain thinking of all of the things it could be!

Upon further research, I found that this in fact is not a small bomb or whatever else our minds thought it could be.

This small metal canister is a “Toledo Torch”. These torches were used as road flares in the late and early 1920’s-1930’s. Kerosene would be put in the middle of the torch, and the flames would come out of the small holes on top. These small torches would later be replaced by the road flares we know today, but they still do pop up in some places. This one can be found at our own Time and Valleys Museum! 

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