Bee Keeping and Honey Making Program


A presentation on beekeeping and honey making will be held on Sunday, April 22nd at 2 p.m. at the Time and the Valleys Museum on St. Rt. 55 in Grahamsville, Sullivan County.

Son of a Bee, fourth generation honey makers in Grahamsville, Sullivan County, will give a fascinating presentation on honey making and bee keeping, including showing actual honey hives, combs and frames, how to make beeswax, candles and lip balm and a short video on the yearly process of bee keeping. Honey will be also available for sale. The program is FREE for members and $3 for non-members. Light refreshments and Museum admission are included.

About Son of a Bee (a cute story in their own words.): The real story starts way up in the great Adirondack Mountains of New York three generations ago, during the Great Depression. Food was scare and work was near impossible to find, which meant that our great grandfather had to get creative. Now, family legend has it that great grandpa wandered off into a sprawling field to pluck flowers for great grandma. While getting back onto the road, he noticed that a few bees started following him. They were circling him, flying all around the flowers when the idea popped into his head. Bees created honey, honey was gold, gold meant money, and money equaled food. He realized that with the help of mother nature, he could support his family.

Our great grandfather taught our grandfather, who taught our father who now teaches his own son and daughter (AKA: us), the fourth generation. How did we come up with the name, Son of a Bee? Turns out, grandpa had some favorite choice words whenever he was stung by a bee, and one in particular is something that we often repeat… “Son Of A B—!!!”.