Three floors of interactive and engaging exhibitions for all ages on how water and the need for water has changed the Catskill area.

Water and the Valleys

This permanent exhibition covers the history of the Rondout and Neversink Valleys from the pre-history geological periods, Native Americans, early settlers, farming, tanning and other early industries, through the 1930’s.

Tunnels, Toil and Trouble

This exciting exhibition includes the history of NYC’s complex water system AND the history of the towns taken to build the system.

Listen to the voices of local residents and learn about their lives, hear what it was like to work in the Delaware Aqueduct, experience the building process by actually building a dam or tunnel and learn about the men who “did the dirty work”.

Bittersweet Memories: Lost Towns of the Catskill Watersheds

watercolor painting of old farmhouse and barn
Carlisle Farm – watercolor painting by LaVerne Black
watercolor painting of a an old gas station and a vintage car
City Services – watercolor painting by Carolyn Harrow

Enjoy the thought provoking art creations of seventeen artists as they explore the heartache and 
loss of the homes taken for New York City’s Catskill and Delaware water systems, brought to life
with photos, stories and cutting edge augmented technology.

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