Lost Catskill Farm

A recreated Catskill depression-era family farm about to be taken for the building of the reservoirs.

From the 1930s through the 1950s, over twenty farming communities were lost when New York City came to the Catskills to build reservoirs and take our abundant water. People, animals and even cemeteries were moved, buildings destroyed and all evidence of human life eliminated . . . until now.

The recreated Catskill farm preserves the story of their loss and celebrates the simple family farm life.

The farm family’s story comes to life through the use of mobile technology, stationary and hands-on activities.

Period buildings, artifacts, tools and equipment help visitors explore:

  • The different ways each family member was affected by having their farm taken from them and being forced to move.
  • Family life on a small Lost Catskill farm in the 1930s, including the function of different buildings and tools, and the importance of each family member in running the farm.

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